I'm still cooking.

Hi.  You'll notice I haven't posted since Easter.  Sorry.  Believe me, I have been cooking since then.  I have tried some new recipes too, but life has been hectic.  Sitting down to blog has slipped way down on the "to do" list--so far down that it doesn't get done!

In addition, one of my most frequent source of new recipes was the Kraft Foods magazine.  When I first started receiving it a few years ago, it was free.  It is no longer, and I didn't pay to continue my subscription.  So one source of recipes to tell you about is gone.

Also, I started receiving Taste of Home magazine a few months ago.  I have tried some recipes from it, but I am unable to link to those recipes for you on this site.  Their site only allows current subscribers to the magazine to have access to the recents months' recipes.  I'm not going to tell you about a recipe and then not give it to you, and I think there are copyright laws that prevent me from typing it in here when they go to such lengths to make those recipes only for their readers.  Sorry.

I am continuing to do cake, cookie and cupcake decorating, and I am chewing on ways to put the photos of those things on some sort of online gallery.  Once I figure out how I want to do it, I will let you all know how to get to it.

So, with all the changes our family has been going through lately with school schedules, the boys getting older, my commitments and my husband's commitments, blogging has slipped very far down my list of priorities.  I gave it a go for a while, and honestly, not that many people were visiting my blog.  I'm not a natural blogger like Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman.  My ramblings aren't nearly as interesting and entertaining.  haha.  So, this is likely my last post here on the Cookin' with Melissa blog.  For those of you who have tried some of the recipes and enjoyed seeing the cakes and cookies I made...

Thanks for stopping by!

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