Pioneer Woman Blog and Cookbook

I've read about Ree Drummond's "Pioneer Woman" blog on other women's blogs. I haven't followed it closely, but I'm going to make it one of my feeds and read more frequently. On the "Thrifty Northwest Mom" blog last week, she mentioned that Amazon.com had the "Pioneer Woman Cooks" cookbook for 50% off at $11.50. You can get free S&H from Amazon too, which makes it a pretty good deal!

I purchased one, because I can't pass up a good-looking cookbook for so cheap. I received it today, and it looks great! It's a beautiful hardcover book with plenty of "normal" down home recipes--just the kind of food I like to make.  Many recipes look to have a southwest flair, which I also love.  I'm excited to try some of these great new recipes from this book. Thanks for stopping by!

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