Wilton Method Cake Decorating Class Level I

I'm taking a cake decorating class. Last November when I made my youngest son's birthday cake, I was disappointed with the way it turned out. I took a simple cake decorating class in 4H when I was in junior high, but I wanted to learn more than what I already knew. I thought to myself that I should take a cake decorating class to learn how to do it better. I mentioned it to my husband and my sister, and they both encouraged me to do it.

Last Monday, we were just back from being in PA, and my house looked like a tornado had gone through it. Instead of unpacking us and getting us settled back in, I decided to look online for local places that give cake decorating classes. I made some phone calls, and found a Michael's store with a Wilton Level I class that was starting last week. There was still time to register, so I had my hubby stop on his way home and sign me up.

Last Wednesday evening was our first class. We learned about leveling and torting cakes, icing consistencies, how to put on a crumb coat and other various beginner's skills and techniques. Our teacher, Jackie, brought each of us a little carrot cake to practice on. This is the cake from my first night.

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