Aloha! Color Flow Pieces

Wednesday was my birthday. Friends of ours have a daughter with the same birthday. Last year, I made her monogrammed cards. This year, I thought maybe I would offer to make her a birthday cake or cupcake or something. I talked to her mom a few weeks ago, and we decided I would make a cake for her birthday party.

Her party was going to be "Aloha!" themed with eight little girls in attendance. The birthday girl was going to turn ten. I started looking online for cakes with that theme, but wasn't very satisfied with what I found.  I'm picky. A lot of the cakes were for honeymooners or couple's anniversary parties, not for little girl's birthday parties.

After learning how to use color flow icing on Wednesday at class, I decided that's how I would incorporate the "Aloha!" theme into the flip flop cake. I searched online for some clip art to use, printed it, and made the sugar plaques, starting with outlining the images and then flooding the pieces with different colors of thinned icing.

I was concerned that the pieces wouldn't dry in time, so I made them thinner than normal and placed them in front of a small fan in my bathroom! Thankfully, they dried enough in time to finish the cake. Stop by tomorrow to see more of the cake preparations. Thanks for stopping by!

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